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Power Management
Demo Board LTC6992-4
Linear Technology
PWM Controller
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The DC1562A-F demonstration board is an engineering tool to design and evaluate LTC6992-4 TimerBlox circuit. The LTC6992-4 is a silicon oscillator with an easy to use analog voltage controlled pulse width modulation (PWM) capability. It is part of the TimerBlox family of versatile silicon timing devices. The centre section of the board contains a pre configured TimerBlox function. Surrounding the centre board is a "playground" prototyping area. The prototyping area has pads for Dip 8, S8, MS8 or S6 packages with bread boarding connections to each pin and two convenient power buses and ground bus surrounding the entire area. This area is for conditioning signals to control the timer function and for adding loads controlled in time. The centre part of the board can be broken away on its own as a convenience for adding a timing function to a pre existing circuit. For application flexibility a provision is made for buffering and inverting the output of the timer.
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) controlled by simple 0V to 1V analog input
  • PWM duty cycle range from 5% to 100%
  • Frequency range from 3.81Hz to 1MHz
  • Configured with 1 to 3 resistors
  • Less than 1.7% maximum frequency error
  • PWM duty cycle error of less than 3.7% maximum
  • Frequency modulation (VCO) capability
  • 115µA supply current at 100KHz
  • 500µs start up time
  • CMOS output driver sources/sinks 20mA

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Clock & Timing, LED Lighting, Portable Devices, Sensing & Instrumentation, Motor Drive & Control

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