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Demonstration Board for Synchronous Buck Boost Controller


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Power Management - Voltage Regulator
Demonstration Board LT3791-1
Linear Technology
Buck/Boost Controller
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The DC2009A demonstration board demonstrates the high power capability of LT3791-1 device. The LT3791-1 is a synchronous four switch buck boost voltage/ current regulator controller. The output is 24V and the maximum output current is 5A. The switching frequency is 200KHz and efficiency is as high as 98% for a 24V input. The operating input voltage range of DC2009A is from 12V to 57V. The output voltage, EN/UVLO and OVLO are all programmed by resistor dividers. EN/UVLO is set so the circuit will turn off when the input voltage falls below 11.9V and will turn on when the input voltage rises above 13.4V. OVLO is set to engage for input voltages above 57V. The demo circuit features MOSFETs that compliment the 5V gate drive of the LT3791-1 to achieve high efficiency. 60V MOSFETs are used on the input side of the four switch topology while 40V MOSFETs are used on the output side. The demonstration circuit is designed to be easily reconfigured to many other applications.
  • Four switch single inductor architecture allows VIN above, below or equal to VOUT
  • Input and output current regulation with current monitor outputs
  • No top FET refresh in buck or boost
  • VOUT disconnected from VIN during shutdown
  • C/10 charge termination and output shorted flags
  • Capable of 100W or greater per IC

Lietošanas veidi

Power Management, Automotive, Communications & Networking, Industrial


If the output voltage is low, temporarily disconnect the load to make sure that it is not set too high.

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