Evaluation Board for 3A Peak 800 kHz Fixed Frequency PWM Synchronous Step Down Regulator


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Power Management
Evaluation Board ST1S40IPHR
Step Down Switching Regulator
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STEVAL-ISA082V1, based on the ST1S40IPHR, is an internally compensated 800KHz fixed frequency PWM synchronous step down converter demonstration board. The ST1S40 operates from 4V to 18V input, while it regulates an output voltage as low as 0.8V and up to VIN(100% duty cycle). The ST1S40 integrates a 95mohm high side switch and a 69mohm synchronous rectifier allowing very high efficiency with very low output voltage. The peak current mode control with internal compensation delivers a very compact solution with a minimum component count. The ST1S40 is protected through cycle by cycle current limiting in case of overload and is also protected by a current foldback function with frequency reduction in case of short circuit.
  • Input voltage 4V to 18V
  • Output voltage 3.3V
  • Maximum output current 4A
  • Switching frequency 800KHz
  • Short circuit protected

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