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The BBC micro:bit – Home Schooling for Parents

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The BBC micro:bit – Home Schooling for Teachers

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Design with Raspberry - Pi Facial Recognition:

  • Learn how to create a data-set, train the algorithm for new faces, how they are stored and used for facial recognition.
  • This is a facial recognition project based on Raspberry Pi and Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV), designed for computational efficiency and with a strong focus on real-time applications.
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What you need to start

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
Buy Combo
Power Supply
Touch Screen Display 7 inch
NoIR Camera

Home Automation with Raspberry Pi 4 and Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa):

  • Ask “Alexa” to turn ON/OFF any home appliances, e.g. lights, fan, TV etc. Raspberry Pi running Node-RED acts as a bridge between Alexa device and the home appliances enables you to control device with your voice.  
  • This project uses a Raspberry Pi and Amazon Echo Dot which is used for voice recognition using Alexa Natural Language Processing (NPL).
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What you need to start

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
Buy Combo
Power Supply
Relay Board

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Fight Germs element14 challenge

  • Build something that helps fight or prevent the spread of germs.
  • It would be affordable in terms of the component availability/resources so that others with similar resources could replicate them to help a few friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

  • $200 Shopping cart of product!

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Folding @ Home Project

  • Set your Processors to ANALYSE for the COVID-19 virus with Folding @ Home.
  • use your CPU and GPU to process the genetic molecular structure of the COVID19 virus.

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A NanoRama Open Arduino Competition!

  • Celebrate the birthday of Arduino and Project14 with an Open Arduino Competition!
  • Stand a chance to win a Nano Grand Prize bundle for the most innovative use of Arduino plus a $400 shopping cart!

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Fundamentals I: Quiz

  • Are you ready to demonstrate your Arduino knowledge? Then take this 25-question quiz to test your knowledge of Arduino and see how ready you are for Arduino Certification.

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WEBINAR: The power of testing IoT devices in all phases of the product lifecycle

This webinar will bring some light into the jungle of wireless IoT technologies and related challenges. We will explain the value of testing in order to bring IoT applications to market as quickly as possible.

What we will talk about
  • The most relevant testing requirements defined by standards organizations, regulators and operators
  • Effectiveness of accurate measurements in design, integration and production
  • Value of multilayer end-to-end testing of IoT devices
  • Emerging wireless communications technologies enabling IoT

WEBINAR: Get more out of your Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope

Specifically created for engineers that deal with high-speed digital and power electronic designs, these webinars will put the spotlight on how to properly use Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes, share some little-knows facts and explore how to properly examine signals in your device under test.

What we will talk about
  • Share some little-knows facts
  • Explore how to properly examine signals in your device under test
  • Improve your measurement techniques

Working from Home

11 Tips for Staying Productive When Your Entire Workflow is Upended

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Online Demos

In difficult travel/face-to-face meeting times, we are very happy to offer live online demos, video calls and other sharing session. You don’t have to leave the office or book laboratory rooms: all you need is a conference room, an internet connection and the desired participants.

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Active vs. Passive Probes- Take the Mystery Out of Probing

How to Test Switch Mode Power Supplies with InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes

Frequency Response Analysis Updates for InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes!

Fast Fourier Transforms with an Oscilloscope (FFT)

How to Debug Embedded Designs with an Oscilloscope

Engineer in a forest: Safe Soldering

Engineer in a Forest: DC Motor Controller

Engineer in a forest: Portable Peltier Refrigerator