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Digital Microscope, USB, 10x to 70x, 200x Magnification, 640X480 Pixels


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10x to 70x, 200x
Dino-Lite Special Light Digital Microscopes
640X480 Pixels
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The AM3713TB is a digital Handheld Microscope with strobomicroscope mode feature that takes perfect pictures each time by reducing motion blur while under magnification. Use it for monitoring production lines in a manufacturing environment or observing a tadpole in a laboratory. Shaky or moving objects are ideal environments to utilize the AM3713TB strobosmicroscope mode feature. It will maintain a refresh rate of 60fps under any condition. A handheld digital microscope is a great tool to instantly see magnified objects right on your computer screen. You can take pictures, record video and also annotate right away. With the strobosmicroscope mode, user can also capture fast moving objects as well as ease of use providing unique microscope experience. When the strobomicroscope mode is OFF, it still can maintain a refresh rate of 60fps whether the LED lights are ON or OFF. Magnify from 20x to 50x at a distance and achieve an additional 200x when the Dino-Lite is at close range.
  • VGA resolution - Easily work under the microscope with low latency for lag with 640x480p resolution
  • Use the scroll lock to fix the scroll to assure a fixed position for magnification/working distance
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Detachable caps
  • Use professional measurement tools that can be calibrated for accuracy
  • Strobe mode

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