TMS-SCE-1-1/2-2.0-9 - 

Wire Marker, TMS SCE Thin Wall, Heat Shrinkable Sleeve, PO (Polyolefin), White, 38.1mm x 50.8mm


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PO (Polyolefin)
Heat Shrinkable Sleeve
38.1mm x 50.8mm
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Produktu pārskats

The TMS-SCE-1-1/2-2.0-9 is a heat-shrinkable Wire Identification Sleeve made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin. The 5414710001 marker sleeve is designed to meet the wire and cable marking needs of manufacturers with high performance requirements. The mark is permanent immediately after printing and remain legible even when exposed to abrasion, aggressive cleaning solvents and military fuels and oils. This 2:1 shrink ratio product provides a thick, rugged sleeve wall and is particularly easy to handle. It is designed to be printed by computer-driven dot matrix or thermal transfer printers, providing several advantages in terms of reduced errors and cycle time. It is supplied in a thin, flat ladder format, the sleeve is held horizontally between two hole-punched polyester strips. This configuration feeds directly from the storage box into a Tyco Electronics recommended printer. Tyco Electronics recommended ribbons should always be used.
  • Permanent identification sleeve
  • Computer-printable
  • Lightweight
  • Quick recovery for heat sensitive areas

Lietošanas veidi

Industrial, Aerospace, Defence, Military, Automotive

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